Mold Inspection Services in Marion Illinois

Mold Inspections

If you think you have mold or other contamination in your home, crawlspace or basement causing allergies or other discomfort or odors of any kind, DMC Environmental Services want to help. As experienced crawl space environmental experts. We offer superior products to solve all your crawlspace problems to keep your home as healthy and dry as possible.

DMC Environmental Services can provide Dehumidifiers, and drying systems, and installs Vent fans, and Vapor barriers. Mold testing done before and after will demonstrate that mold has been eliminated.

DMC Environmental services: home advisor, NORMI and BBB

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The DMS Repair Experience

  • Savings of 10%-30% over competitors methods
  • Wet, Moldy Crawl Space Solutions Anywhere
  • Healthy Crawl Spaces with our Economical Crawlspace Encapsulation Systems!.
  • Fix Sagging, uneven floors and repair structural wood rot damage
  • FREE Written Estimates and Inspections, and Fast Installation